Optimism and entrepreneurship make India a distinctive market

http://www.livemint.com| Shrija Agrawal

Emerald Hill Capital Partners, a Hong Kong-based private equity fund of funds active in India, recently closed its second fund, bringing its assets under management to over $500 million (Rs2,310 crore). Founder and managing director Eugene Choung spoke in an interview on the attractiveness of first-time fund managers, the performance of India from a returns perspective and the importance to be given to economics in the fund. Edited excerpts: Read more

Within emerging markets, what is India’s biggest pull factor?

One of the most significant and attractive phenomena driving the India story is probably the highly attractive demographics and the growing middle class, which will have a profound impact on consumer growth and the broader economy over the next decade and beyond. This will impact not only the immediate consumer space but will also drive opportunities in infrastructure, real estate, healthcare, education, energy, manufacturing and technology.

Indians represent possibly one of the most entrepreneurial people in the world today. Since my first visit to India in 1996, I have witnessed a tremendous rise in optimism among many of these young entrepreneurs. This combination of opportunity, optimism and entrepreneurship is not only unique but is a powerful force that makes India a highly attractive and distinctive market for us as private equity investors.

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